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ppl who randomly message u on the tumble are the best kind of ppl even if theyโ€™re just bein all like โ€˜hello!โ€™ because its like omg hi hello person wow someones talking to me this is the best day ever

i get like 10 hellos a day because of this post


No one ever messages me. ๐Ÿ˜’

I got seven hellos & hiโ€™s the last time i reblogged this

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though i better get fixing my laptop


though i better get fixing my laptop

shower essentials

shower essentials

my parent kettle broke

so the got a new super cheap one

and it makes the water taste funny

so now i cant have tea

Just made an awesome filling salad!
  • Lambs lettuce (or any other lettuce)
  • Warm rice
  • Warm kidney beans
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • A little avocado
  • A little soy cheeseย 
  • Hot salsa as a dressing!ย 

Seriously it tasted so amazing and so easy and healthy! (Leftovers from chili con carne)ย 

Anonymous hour. Nothing will be unanswered, ignored or deleted.
Huge but dated apartment with big windows but further away from uni/market or smaller newer apartment very close to market and uni

ยฃ550 vs ยฃ600ย 

2nd floor vs 4th no lift floor


oh i cant decide!

Sonya, I'd love to hear more about your opinions on freelee and the other 801010 gurus. You said they ruined your health? I don't believe freelee knows what she's talking about half the time but I really am interested in hearing your thoughts!


I have never felt worse than I did when I ate 801010. From week 2, my abdomen swelled up overnight and regardless of how much I ate- my lower stomach was distended like never before in my life. I looked 5 months pregnant for almost the entire year that I was 801010.

After month 1- i stopped being able to digest raw food completely, every time I ate raw fruits or vegetables my stomach started KILLING me with sharp pains. I decided to stop eating raw & just do high carb vegan by going on a sweet potato only diet in September. The bloating was still there. I didnโ€™t know what was wrong with me so I had a endoscopy and colonoscopy test done- both of which made me extremely anxious and cry for a week because I hate surgeries and the experience was so frightening. I went to like 10 different doctors and ER hospitals asking for answers and nobody knew why my stomach was distended out of nowhere. I saw nutritionists, gastroenterologists all around Toronto and all of them told me โ€œthe problem is your dietโ€ and I didnโ€™t believe them. Isnโ€™t 801010 the โ€œperfectโ€ diet?ย 

I started to feel a bit better on 801010 in 4 months and actually felt really good eating a lot of salads (although I always ate more fat than 10%). Then I started listening to Freelee. When I watched her videos it was like she was hypnotizing me and chanting to me what was right and wrong. โ€œCarb up!! Fruit calories donโ€™t count! A calorie is not a calorie! I ate 20 bananas today for breakfast and look how skinny I am! LOW fat!!โ€ When I watched her I started to believe in the stupid ass shit she would say without actually questioning it or listening to MY body or looking at MY body. I ate 10 mangoes for breakfast- I was still STARVING after that meal of over 1500 calories. My stomach was HUGE the whole day. I COULD NOT BREATHE after eating. BUT I was still hungry. I was not satisfied. My body needed MORE than โ€œfructoseโ€. Although I kept believing her. I kept watching all these people on youtube convincing me that โ€œmy body was healingโ€ and that โ€œyour body runs on fructoseโ€.. inside I felt disgusting, I gained almost 10 pounds of FAT - NOT water weight, and I was binge eating. I ate to the point that I was about to throw up, because no matter how much fruit I ate I wanted something else.ย 
This hindered my modelling because I was afraid to do shoots because my stomach was always huge. Freelee and other bloggers made me AFRAID of being even slightly hungry, they made me feel like the only way to health is by STUFFING yourself.ย 

Then 7 months later I started to feel extremely tired after all of my meals. I would eat 5 mangoes and a lb of stawberries for lunch and then fall asleep right after. The same would happen after my dinner. I had no energy after eating. I went to the doctors a million times again, wondering what was wrong with me. I had a low HDL cholesterol (obviously) but everything else was good. I was not vitamin deficient, but I felt like shit. This is what happens when you eat TOO much food. Your body puts the energy into digestion, and you have no energy to actually survive.

I had 4 cavities in my year of 801010. My teeth became brittle and my front tooth chipped one day in half when I was eating a raspberry โ€ฆ I know, when i happened all I could think was โ€œwtf? a tooth breaking in half from a RASPBERRY?!โ€ My gums started going up higher and it was painful.ย 

I never, ever had these problems with a normal vegan diet. 801010 made me sick, fat, and tired. It is NOT for everyone. Iโ€™m happy if it works for you- but it is not what my body needs. The funniest thing is, when you go on any raw food forumn all you see on the front page is people asking โ€œwhy is my hair falling out?โ€ โ€œwhy am i always tired?โ€ โ€œhelp with brittle nails and dry skin!โ€ โ€œi have no sex drive, why?โ€. And then after that- 801010 gurus have the audacity to say this is the natural human diet and these people who are doing 801010 but having problems are just โ€œdoing it wrongโ€. BITCH if it was a โ€œnatural human dietโ€ there would be NO WRONG WAY to do it. Hence- N A T U R A L.

</end rant>


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It looks so cute and nice

is that near my flat??


I LOVE the light my room gets, but not when I want to nap. Coffee it is โ†ฃ
ig: {@alexbehn}


I LOVE the light my room gets, but not when I want to nap. Coffee it isย โ†ฃ

ig: {@alexbehn}

started a new weightloss blog!

Ask for link as I want to keep it fairly private!